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12 questions about the new Luminary Programme

We caught up with the man, the myth, the legend – Dr Harry – to talk all about the BTC Luminary Programme; a brand new facial aesthetics course from BTC.

So without further ado let’s find out about the new course and the benefits of it with some quick fire questions…

  1. What is the Luminary Programme?
    The BTC Luminary course is a year long programme in facial aesthetics. It is available to only 3 ambitious delegates per cohort. This group size enables a much more personal learning experience, than in our larger workshops. It is a step up from our basic toxin and filler courses. This exclusive course will not only teach you to become a master clinician in all aspects of facial aesthetics, but will guarantee you the marketing and sales tools in order to become one of the most eminent leaders in the field.
  2. Do I need to have completed other training in order to undertake the Luminary Programme?
    We recommend that our delegates undertake the basic training first, such as our Accelerator workshop. The Luminary Programme is a step up from that.
  3. What are the benefits of the programme?
    To be the best clinician possible on advanced procedures, you need to have the confidence and competence to deliver fantastic results. You also need to be able to carry out a full face treatment – from assessing the patients’ face and deciding on treatment followed by achieving their desired results (within reason!). You then need to be a marketing machine that consistently delivers new patients, whilst improving the value offered to existing patients. The Luminary Programme explores all of these areas and at the same time provides tools to delegates to enable them to succeed at this multiple ‘plate spinning’ in their own practices.
  4. How many modules are there and how are they covered over the 12 months?
    12 modules, split across the year – 1 a month.
  5. Where is the course based?
    The Luminary facial aesthetics course is a nationwide run programme. The clinical training is conducted face to face, with delegates treating their own models (a minimum of 3 cases each), some aspects of the business and marketing training can be done online.
  6. How much of the course is practical vs theory?
    It’s definitely 50/50. You could be a fantastic clinician but if nobody knows about your practice you will fail. Both the practical and theory are equally as important. There are 6 days of hands-on clinical training and 6 days of business content.
  7. Do I need to pass each module to move onto the next?
  8. How many hours a month does the Luminary Programme need?
    The clinical side would require 1 whole day a month. The live business aspect would be another day in the month. The virtual business modules would be 4-5 hours each month. However, there will be homework and implementation to undertake in-between the sessions.
  9. How will you increase my chance of winning awards?
    As a past judge on several award committees and a previous winner of numerous awards, we know how to produce a winning entry. We’ll even share these top tips with you for a small bribe – just kidding!
  10. How will I get into publications by doing this programme?
    We have very strong relationships with editors who regularly come to us looking for well written articles. We would empower Luminary members to write these articles, enabling them to get in front of journalists and editors.
  11. What will I receive at the end of the year course?
    Experience treating 18 models in adduced procedures, along with a whole host of sales and marketing tips and tricks that have been tried and tested. In a nutshell, you will come away with the skills and knowledge to create a robust business in facial aesthetics which is producing highly converting patients.
  12. Why should I choose this programme and not Level 7?
    This programme will make you competent in both the basic and advanced procedures; but you will also master the business aspects which are vital for you to have a successful career in facial aesthetics.

To learn more about the Luminary Programme, or to sign up for it please click here.

Call 07711 731173 or email [email protected] for more information on why you should choose BTC to help you achieve a successful aesthetic business.

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