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BTC Success Guarantee™

“We don’t make promises, we give guarantees”

At BTC, we believe that your success is our success, so we offer a money back guarantee on our training.
You’ve done the theory, learnt the treatment techniques, and now it’s time to put that learning into practice and implement all your clinical skills and business strategies to succeed in your new facial aesthetic business.

We offer you a guarantee of success from undertaking training in non-surgical cosmetic interventions with BTC. We are the first training provider in facial aesthetics to be bold enough to offer a guarantee of success from our training. This means that we are confident in providing you with everything you need to succeed, if you want to succeed.


BTC Marketing Success Formula™

We have created the BTC Marketing Success Formula™, which, if followed, will lead you on your path to a successful new facial aesthetic clinic business.

There are two key parts to following the BTC Marketing Success Formula™, with a goal of treating four ‘real’ patients within 12 weeks. You must allocate at least one hour per day to the implementation and communication processes over the first four weeks to accelerate your profit-making potential and invest time in your new business venture. If you are a dentist who has said goodbye to dentistry in order to concentrate on facial aesthetics, then you are already ahead of the game and are likely investing the initial time required.

You will need to evidence your completion of the various implementation and communication tasks along the way to progress through the programme and maintain your eligibility for our guarantee scheme. Should you fail to submit evidence in a timely manner, the guarantee opportunity may lapse completely if adequate programme adherence cannot be proven.


Step One

Congratulations on completing the theoretical, practical and clinical aspects of the BTC workshops, now you must get this business off the ground. Please log in to the resources section of the website to get started with the programme for the BTC Marketing Success Formula™. You will submit evidence of your completion of the tasks through the online portal.


Implementation Tasks:


Step Two

The BTC Marketing Success Formula™ programme includes a requirement to attend three webinars, held at weeks 3, 6 and 9. During these sessions, which will last for one hour, you can present evidence of your achievements and activities in relation to the communication tasks within the programme. It will also be an opportunity to have your questions answered, discuss any issues or obstacles that you feel are impeding your success, and receive help to overcome them.


Communication Tasks:

Promote your facial aesthetic treatments to your existing client base (e.g., dental patients) using marketing materials such as posters, flyers, mailouts, or simply through chatting to them personally about these new services when you see them in clinic  for other treatments.

Visit other establishments in your local area who may be prepared to refer patients onwards to you, or allow you to be a visiting practitioner to their salon, gym, health club etc. Be prepared to discuss concepts such as referral fees or commissions for treatment conversion etc.

Create social media posts asking for models so you can build your treatment portfolios and continue to increase your clinical skills.


Treatment Tasks:

Secure consultation appointments and treat your first four ‘real’ patients within the 12-week period. These should not be the same individuals as those within your staff team, family and friends, nor those patients who presented as models. These should be four patients who have attended for your facial aesthetic services, either as a result of conversion from your existing client base, or new patients referred onwards to you.


Terms and Conditions

The BTC Success Guarantee™ is dependent upon participation and evidencing (at timely intervals, as agreed) with the BTC Marketing Success Formula™ programme.

Should a participant fail to provide timely evidence of completion of the required implementation and communication tasks, as well as treating four new facial aesthetic patients, over the 12-week period, without written approval to accommodate any delays due to unavoidable personal or work circumstances, then the eligibility for the BTC Success Guarantee™ will be nullified. This means that they would no longer be eligible for claim a lack of success from the training as the participant has failed to achieve their requirements under the scheme by the end of the 12-week period.
Participants must complete the BTC Marketing Success Formula™ programme in its entirety to be eligible to make a claim for the BTC Success Guarantee™.


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