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Botulinum Toxin Training Club by Dr Harry Singh

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Level 2 Experience – The BTC Luminary Programme

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The BTC Luminary course is a year long programme in facial aesthetics, available to only three ambitious delegates.

[ˈluːmɪn(ə)ri] – NOUN
a person who inspires others and is prominent in a particular sphere.

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Why join the Luminary Programme?

This exclusive course will not only teach you to become a master clinician in all aspects of facial aesthetics,
but will guarantee you the marketing and sales tools in order to become one of the most eminent leaders in the field.

Meet other like-minded clinicians and journey together on your Luminary year of excellence. You will always be in the same cohort throughout the course, to enable you to build strong bonds with your colleagues. The Luminary Course is the perfect solution for those looking to boost their confidence and skillset in facial aesthetics.

What can I expect when doing the course?
The Summary
Action + Immersion = Results

12 months

Weekdays for the practical sessions
Evenings or Weekdays for the business sessions

With this programme you will receive:


The finer detail:

The BTC Luminary programme is unparalleled and will give your facial aesthetics career a stratospheric boost.

If you are interested in further details of what the course entails have a chat with us today.

0800 047 2038

Luminary Vs Level 7
You may be asking yourself if Luminary will give you more than doing the Level 7 in facial aesthetics? Well, we have prepared this handy comparison table just for you to help you make the choice that is right for you.

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“You’ll be silly to go anywhere else. Fabulous, fun, educational. A great programme with very engaging models.”

– Dr Anita Sandhu

“I am really excited to be doing this training with you, I have heard nothing but praises from people who have done your courses. And I truly hope this will be the key to unlock my full potential as an aesthetic cl[..]

– Roopa

“I started my journey with BTC in September 2020. The Accelerator Course was a fantastic taster into the field of Facial Aesthetics and I learnt so much. Since then I have enrolled onto the BTC Luminary course whic[..]

– Roxanna Fiorentino

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