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Botulinium Toxin Club
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Botulinum Toxin Training Club by Dr Harry Singh

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Level 3 Expert – Scale Up | Mentoring

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This knowledge and competency boosting day is for Medical Professionals who want achieve the highest level of clinical skill.

It’s for medical professionals who want to take their clinical skills to the next level and make the experience for their patients the most comfortable possible. You will have access to Dr Harry for the full day and can ask him all your burning questions.

Before the day

Special benefits of attending during the day:

Post day

If you are interested in further details of what the course entails.

Chat with Joe today to find out more.
Call Joe on 0800 047 2038.


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“Had my one-to-one session with Harry a few weeks ago. Coming from someone with no previous facial aesthetic experience, this training was definitely a worth-while investment. I got to treat several real-life models an[..]

– Anonymous

“Excellent event, very informative. Plenty of models.”

– Dr Simran Jand

Join hundreds of health professionals in their skillset transformation journey