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Botulinum Toxin Training Club by Dr Harry Singh

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Botulinum Toxin for Midwives

Considering evolving your career with a move into facial aesthetics?

Well then, you’re in the right place. Professional botulinum toxin for cosmetic use workshops are now available for midwives

Professional Botulinum Toxin Workshops for Midwives

If you are a Midwife and are looking to upskill and evolve your career into the delivery of facial aesthetics, such as cosmetic injectables, then our workshops will provide you with the opportunity to become certified to administer facial injections.

This will ultimately help you to generate an additional income, alongside NHS work, or eventually replacing your NHS career if you move into complete private practice. There is a growing demand from the public for cosmetic treatment solutions and NMC-registered midwives are well placed to move into this sector.

Ensuring patient safety through competence is of course paramount, so you will engage in comprehensive training to learn how to be proficient in the theory, pharmacology and the ability to deliver facial aesthetics safely and effectively to meet the anti-ageing needs of the public.

Our workshops offer hands-on training so you will learn the correct injection techniques, whilst also learning about the foundation theory for botulinum toxin injections in cosmetic practice.

Professional Growth

Our workshops also offer midwives a great opportunity for professional development which is not available within NHS practice. Midwives can expand their skill set into a new area of medical practice by learning how to carry out non-surgical cosmetic interventions safely, adding a new level to their potential career path and job aspirations, leading to a profitable part-time or full-time career change.

You will not be alone in this journey as BTC provides ongoing clinical and business support to all our graduates so you can make a real success of the time and money you invest in your personal development and training.

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