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Your Facial Aesthetics Vision

Your Facial Aesthetics Vision

“Vision without execution is hallucination.”
Thomas Jefferson (1743 – 1826), 3rd President of the United States

You will have a greater chance of success in your facial aesthetics business if you have a vision for that part of the business. It must be inspired by something you are passionate about. You need to start with the end in mind and with this you will overcome obstacles.
There are several sub sections and I suggest you spend some time answering each section and undertake it as a team exercise with your dental team:
(i)What is the ultimate result you want to achieve, e.g. – what do you want to create?
Do you want to create extra income?
Do you want to have facial aesthetics integrated within dentistry?
Do you want a separate business from dentistry?
Do you want a mobile facial aesthetics service?
What strategic goals do you have for your business, e.g. – what
specific results do you want from the business?
Will it be financial goals in terms of turnover or profit?
Or will it be the number of patients undertaking facial aesthetics?
Or will it be the number of days you want to do facial aesthetics per

(ii) Identity
What is your business going to become?
How will your patients describe it?
Will it be as a spa environment?
Or more as an aesthetics practice?
What’s your USP – Unique Selling Proposition?
Why should they choose you?

(iii) What resources are available to you?
What training will you go to or need to go to in terms of clinical and non clinical?
Will you delegate facial aesthetics to someone else or will you do it yourself?
What kind of capital money will you need to set up the clinic and keep the promotional activity ongoing?
What ideas in terms of marketing, joint ventures, etc. would you need to come up with?

(iv) What’s your 3 to thrive? (courtesy of Tony Robbins).
If there were three areas of the business you need to attack to close the gap, what would they be, e.g. – marketing, team training, equipment, technology (website), clinical training? What three areas of business, if you focused on them, would make your business immediately thrive?
One-year goals, so relate this to sub section (i) in terms of what strategic goals do you want to achieve. What are the most important results your business must achieve this year? What do you need to do to achieve these results in terms of financial time spent on facial aesthetics?
Once you’ve worked out your one-year goal, you need to break it into 90-day goals, so to achieve your one-year goal, what must you do in the next 90 days? What are your top three goals that have outcomes for the next 90 days?

When I decided to seriously build our facial aesthetics business, we had a specific vision I wanted to achieve and by having a target I knew where to ‘point’ to. Here is a summary of my initial vision/goals:
– I wanted to create a facial aesthetics business that was an equal partner with my dentistry business
– I had financial goals and that was to have a minimum of £10,000 turnover per month from facial aesthetics
– My USP was that I had a fixed separate entity for the facial aesthetics in my dental practice and were therefore easily accessible and accountable for my services
– I decided to concentrate on partnering with local beauty salons as my main resource for attracting patients
– My 3 to thrive were – team training, marketing to potential joint venture partners and creating a separate dedicated website just for facial aesthetics
– My 1 year goal was to achieve the previously mentioned target of a turnover of £10,000 per month
– I decided that every 90 days I needed to add £2,500 to my monthly turnover, by seeing this smaller manageable figure, made the goal more achievable

To help you formulate your vision, here are some useful hints:

Get clear. What do you want? Clarity is power.
Get certain. Be certain about your capacity and resources available to you.
Get excited. If you don’t, no one else will.
Get focused and stick to it.
Get committed. Be accountable to someone.
Get momentum. What one thing can you do now to make a difference, so put this article down now and just do it?
Get smart. Measure and review everything.

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