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Why Is Botulinum Toxin Popular? Ask The Botulinum Toxin Grannies

Botulinum Toxin is still popular despite the advances in non-surgical cosmetic products. Botulinum Toxin manufacturer Allergan recently noted that one of the reasons their profits jumped to $3.71 billion in the second quarter is the strong demand for skin treatment Botulinum Toxin. Even medical professionals that administer treatments have surges in profits.

Some researchers suggest that the profits for Botulinum Toxin providers will continue to go up because of certain age groups. High demand for such treatment will most likely come from senior citizens in the UK, whom cosmetic companies refer to as the Botulinum Toxin Grannies.

The rise of Botulinum Toxin Grannies

A study by Transform revealed that more women over 60 undergo Botulinum Toxin, dermal fillers and other non-surgical cosmetic treatments. The number of Botulinum Toxin patients over 60 years old is around 15%, significantly higher than 8% in 2007 and 14% of in 2008. In addition, people from this age group account for over a sixth of all Botulinum Toxin injections performed by beauty clinics nationwide.

Why is Botulinum Toxin popular among old people?

Researchers considered celebrity and family influence as main causes of the increasing popularity of Botulinum Toxin for older women. Some patients received inspiration from older celebrities and high-profile people receiving non-surgical cosmetic treatments, thus spurring Botulinum Toxin demand. Encouragement from family members helped increase the need for Botulinum Toxin as well.

Lifestyle and disposable income are among the contributing factors as well. Since people over 60 have more disposable income, they use the extra cash to reward themselves through cosmetic procedures. Furthermore, the need to keep up with the beauty trends cause them to undergo Botulinum Toxin treatments.

Confidence improvement is another cause for the rising number of Botulinum Toxin grannies. Some older women believe that Botulinum Toxin helps increase their confidence in themselves and in dealing with other people. Thus, they go through wrinkle removal procedures to look fresh and delay the aging process.

More Botulinum Toxin sales through training

These findings reveal the potential of manufacturers and medical professionals to increase their profits through Botulinum Toxin treatments. As more old people undergo Botulinum Toxin treatments, they may expect an increase in demand and sales over the years. However, all of these successes will only be possible through professional Botulinum Toxin training. Let us give you more information.

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