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What Is Level 7 Facial Aesthetics And Do I Need To Achieve This

In November 2015 the health Education England (HEE) published two documents in relation to the qualification requirements for delivery of cosmetic procedures: non-surgical cosmetic interventions.

HE was commissioned by the Department of Health to develop qualification requirements for the delivery of a number of non-surgical cosmetic interventions and hair restoration surgery with the aim of improving and standardising the training available to practitioners.

There are currently no restrictions on who may perform cosmetic procedures, no qualification requirements and an absence of accredited training courses in an industry which is booming.

The qualification requirements include areas of study which were highlighted as key requirements in the Keogh review, such as training on obtaining informed consent, information governance and record keeping, and ensuring that practitioners have a clear understanding of the requirement to operate from safe premises, with patient safety training in topics such as infection control, treatment room safety and adverse incident reporting. They also address recommendations for training in physiology, anatomy, infection control, treatment of anaphylaxis and an understanding of existing medical conditions so that practitioners are aware of all the possible risks and complications of the procedures and are able to recognise and treat complications.

The qualification requirements set out in this document correspond with different levels of learning which reflect the complexity and risk level of different procedures and the corresponding knowledge and skills requirements identified to ensure patient/client safety and high standards of care. The Levels start from Level 4 to Level 7 and those with a dental, medical or nursing degree will automatically be at Level 6.

This begs the question, what do I as a dentist, doctor or nurse need to do to get to Level 7?

Of qual currently are determining what is required to make a practitioner Level 7 competent. The main addition to current training pathways is the mentoring part. There will be a number of cases that the delegate will need to observe and a number of cases that the trainer will have to observe the delegate undertaking.

Please note these are guidelines and have not formally been agreed with all parties concerned and therefore the exact requirements are still being formulated. Rest assured BTC will keep abreast of all developments and will make sure its training/accreditation complies with any new requirements.

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