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Top tips for Medical Nurses who have just completed their Botox® training.

Medical nurses can be very successful in Facial Aesthetics. In this article we will explore top tips for medical nurses looking to add Aesthetics as a service once they have conducted their initial Botox® training.

What are the main obstacles for nurses once they complete their Botox® training?

Medical nurses have two main obstacles after completing their Botox® training. The first is to find suitable premises to operate from and the second is to build up a list of patients from ‘scratch.’ In this article we will expand on how you can overcome both, to have a clinic that keeps your patients coming back for more.

Finding suitable premises for nurses once they have completed their Botox® training

There are going to be two possible routes, and which one you take will depend on whether you’re an independent prescriber or not. Botulinum Toxin is a Prescription Only Medicine (POM) and as such you either need to be a prescriber, or work with a prescriber, to order it and assess patients for this treatment.

(i) Route One: You are an Independent Prescriber

When first starting out, we would recommend renting a room at suitable premises. This will be the most cost-effective way, until you start building your list, at which point you can look at your own premises.

Suitable premises can be found in the following establishments:

– beauty salons
– hair salons
– spas
– opticians
– gyms
– nail bars

Now, that begs the question… how do you approach these establishments?

Here are our top tips:

– Approach the salon manager with an initial letter to offer your services. It is essential to mention the benefits they would receive with the arrangement.
– Follow up with a personal visit to discuss the proposal.
– Talk about the benefits: the opportunity to offer aesthetics as other salons do; growing industry; attracting more and new clients to their business.
– Organise a demonstration evening to promote your services. The owner would organise the food and drink.
– Supply all the promotional materials, including a frequently-asked-questions sheet for their team.
– Have a special promotion for people who book and prepay on the event evening. You may also want to run a competition so you can collect names and e-mail addresses for your database.
– Leave your contact number at the salon, so their clients can reach you if they have any further questions.
– Ongoing activities – keep in touch with promotional e-mails and regular invitations to demonstration evenings.

It goes without saying that you need to make sure the room you rent complies with all medical requirements for safety, cross infection, and access. Medical emergency kit, oxygen cylinders, fire extinguishers, and a sharps bin should all be present.

(ii) Route Two: You are not an Independent Prescriber

In this case, you’d need to work with a prescriber. It would make sense to target establishments where there is a prescriber already available on-site or can easily access the site.

Suitable premises can be found in the following establishments:

– pharmacists
– dentists
– aesthetic clinics
– medical spas

You can still use the same format noted previously on how best to approach these establishments.

As you can see, there are plenty of establishments looking to offer aesthetics and they just need you to contact them!

How can nurses who have finished their Botox® training build up their patient list?

Well, as we have discussed if you join an established business, such as a salon, you likely have a list of potential patients that will be interested in your services. Introduce yourself to them. This could be via an email newsletter that the salon already sends. Ask to be featured. The business website and inhouse posters are also a great way to get the ‘ball rolling’ with current clientele.
Another way is word of mouth. Tell your friends and family. Perhaps have an introductory offer on dermal fillers for example (but be careful not to do this for toxin as this is against advertising standards as it is a POM).

You can also run online ads such as Google and Facebook, or in-print of well-read local magazines or newspapers.
There are numerous ways to build up your patient-base. Above are some great starting points to get your patient-base ‘off the ground’ and once people see the results, they will tell their friends all about you!

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