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The Proper Way Of Reassuring Patients

We all encounter patients who have fears and hesitations, but still want to proceed with treatment—but only after they get the answers they are looking for. Some of these concerns may even make them doubt their decision to get Botulinum Toxin. This is something we cannot take personally; patients need assurance and a guarantee that treatment will produce rewarding results.

Reassurance is not just about helping patients do away with their feelings of doubt. It is a form of interaction that aims to understand their fears and help them manage their expectations.

Below are the proper ways of giving patients reassurance:

Acknowledge the Concerns

Your main goal is to be trusted. Do it by acknowledging the concerns of your client. Through this, you will understand why they want or need to get Botulinum Toxin treatment. More importantly, it will help you give them sound advice. Do away with words and statements that only reinforces thinking that induces anxiety.

Educate Them

More often than not, an anxious client has limited knowledge on the treatment. Educate them about more than just the benefits of treatment; be transparent by disclosing the possible side effects of getting Botulinum Toxin. Remember to tone down the use of medical jargon when explaining things. Unfamiliar terms may be intimidating and may only push them away.

Cite References

An intuitive approach to reassurance will just augment the doubts of your patient. If a client asks further about the procedure, cite evidence-based findings. References about the effectiveness of Botulinum Toxin treatment will serve as assurance.

Display a Positive Disposition

Show that you know what you are talking about. Clients are likely to trust you if you approach the issue with confidence. Make them realise that they have some control over the procedure. If the client decides to call off the treatment, show your sincere support.

Take giving reassurances seriously. A simple and thoughtless statement may be considered as a way of dismissing the client’s concerns. This, in turn, may even increase their anxiety.

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