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Scalp Botulinum Toxin: A Quick Look At The New Beauty Trend

Frizzy, unruly hair after a sweaty workout session…

Perhaps just the thought of it can make any woman cringe. Whether it is yoga, Zumba, CrossFit or high-intensity interval training, going to the gym can ruin even the straightened or blow-dried hair. As it is a big problem for most women, skin care clinics now have an effective treatment for it.

The Rise of ‘Blowtox’ Injections

Botulinum Toxin injections, best known as smoothing out wrinkles, may treat problems with excessive sweating of the feet, hands and underarm. This has prompted some women to inject Botulinum toxin type A to their hairlines to block the sweat glands on their scalp.

Skin care clinics use Botulinum Toxin injections for a variety of procedures. Recently, though, the latest beauty trend that has caught our attention is the so-called scalp Botulinum Toxin. Some say it is an extreme move, but this procedure offers many benefits. It seems women today can do anything to stay young and attractive for longer.

Limiting Scalp Oil Production

Botulinum Toxin, when strategically shot into the scalp, may reduce sweating for three to nine months. There are certain muscles of the scalp that are specific to the face, which is why medical professionals must be careful not to go too far. Women would no longer have to worry about dry hair after even the sweatiest of workouts.

As an article in Mashable puts it: ‘Essentially the way Botulinum Toxin works is it decreases the nerve stimulation of the sweat glands, similar to the way that it blocks stimulating the muscles. But for those who simply want to combat hair frizz, a dermatologist uses a tiny 32-gauge needle to inject about 100 units of Botulinum Toxin around the scalp. Apparently, it feels like 100 little bee stings for over 30 minutes.

Many women ask for Botulinum Toxin injections for cosmetic reasons, no doubt about it. Satisfy your patients by developing an effective treatment plan for them. BTC is here to help you in serving your target market well. Our comprehensive range of basic and advanced courses aims to guide you in mastering injection procedures. Schedule an appointment with us now.

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