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How has COVID-19 affected the facial aesthetics industry?

There is no denying that the Covid-19 pandemic has affected a multitude of industries across the world. With lockdowns implemented, social distancing mandated, and widespread fear – the world’s economy has taken a significant hit. In the UK particularly, Covid has played its part in the dismantling of many industries. The facial aesthetics industry has had experienced its share of pandemic-related effects and will continue to do so while life starts getting back to its new normal. However, not all of the effects have been negative.

Impact of lockdown on the facial aesthetics industry

One of the biggest negative impacts on the facial aesthetics industry during 2020 was the UK lockdown. Simply put, facial aesthetics clinics were not allowed to operate, and people were not allowed to visit them. With business completely shut down for a period, it is no wonder that the industry took the financial knock that it did. Once they re-opened, there were still Covid-related issues that had to, and still have to, be dealt with.

Not all of the effects of lockdown on the facial aesthetics industry were negative. While clinics re-opened, the government still has a strong stance on elective surgeries. Hospitals and operating theatres are being kept open for emergency and necessary medical procedures. This means that people cannot undergo their invasive medical aesthetic procedures and are instead turning towards non-surgical solutions, driving clients to facial aesthetic clinics to make use of procedures such as Botox and dermal fillers.

Supply chain disruptions to the facial aesthetics industry

The supply chain disruptions in the facial aesthetics industry are a reflection of what a knock-on effect the pandemic can have. Once facial aesthetics clinics were allowed to reopen, they had to work around their suppliers having either shut down or slowing down their operations. The manufacturing and supply of injectables, consumables, and industry-related products had considerable delays in their processes.

These disruptions have encouraged many suppliers to advance their businesses to online platforms and ordering systems. This will help the industry as a whole by increasing process flow and deliverables.

Consumer behaviour changes that affect the facial aesthetic industry

With Covid comes a variety of changes in consumer behaviour. Social distancing and fear of medical facilities mean people tend to stay home and not take what they deem unnecessary risks. Specifically, older members of the community have taken a hard stance on protecting themselves.

However, not all behaviours changed for the worse. The widespread trend of self-reflection has become evident after the intense lockdowns worldwide. Psychologists have said that the forced ‘alone-time’ has driven people to re-evaluate their lives and what they can do to improve themselves. As lockdown regulations relax and Covid numbers recede, people are starting to take the time to work on their physical appearance. This trend has already had a positive impact on facial aesthetic clinics. The damage to the economy has also seen people start venturing into other career prospects. As such, an increase in the number of individuals partaking in facial aesthetic courses has been recorded.

Fear-induced consumer decision-making has also forced facial aesthetic clinics to heighten their already stringent hygiene processes and alter business practices to make clients feel even more comfortable and safe. Facial aestheticians have also had the time to focus on their marketing objectives, like those taught in the Botulinum Toxin Club’s facial aesthetic courses.

While the world’s economy has seen a drastic decline due to the pandemic, the Global Facial Aesthetics Market Industry Report has been released, showing an impressive 21.8% Compound Annual Growth Rate for the next five years. This projected forecast shows that despite the Covid-19 pandemic, the facial aesthetic industry is on the rise. It is the perfect time to jump on board a growing industry and take your career to the next level.

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