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Getting More Repeat Business From Your Clients

When you start offering facial aesthetics services, maintaining a high patient retention rate should be one of your highest priorities. Repeat business will make up a significant portion of your sales, and the longer a customer stays, the more likely they are to send referrals to your practice.

Patients will always consider the quality of their treatment and the way you treat them first when deciding whether to come back. However, a smile and a friendly demeanour can only go so far; these strategies will boost your retention rates beyond the basics.

1. Give reminders – Why wait for customers to come to a decision on their own? You know how long dermal fillers last before wearing off, so you can schedule reminders that let clients know when they are due for a refresher. This can be an automated text or email, but you can also personally call long-term clients to get an immediate response.

2. Offer incentives – Even something as simple as offering free skin care products or a minor discount with subsequent visits can have an enormous effect on customer retention. It reinforces the value of the treatment, and rewards your most loyal clients.

3. Make contact easier – Ensure that customers can get in touch with you at any time to schedule their next appointment. If you have a habit of not answering the phone or ignoring emails, frustrated patients will start looking around for someone a bit more accessible. Also, do not forget to give them a business card or pamphlet with your details; first-time customers may forget your name after a few months.

These are just some of the strategies you can use to keep customers coming back; the rest is discussed during our training workshops. If you want to create an additional source of revenue by treating facial aesthetics patients, give us a call and sign up today.

Call 07711 731173 or email [email protected] for more information on why you should choose BTC to help you achieve a successful aesthetic business.

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