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Botulinum Toxin: The Future Of Treatment For Depression?

Depression is the most common mental health problem in the UK, affecting 8-12% of the population in any year. The issue has been a pressing concern that researchers have been persistent in finding more treatments.

The medical industry has introduced a range of tongue-twisting, grand-sounding brain drugs to relieve depressive symptoms: selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, serotonin-noradrenaline reuptake inhibitors, tricyclic antidepressants, monoamine oxidase inhibitors, etc. Recent discussions, however, focus on a possible treatment, an unlikely one, in fact: botox.

No Frowns, Less Depression

The theory that compelled researchers to explore the benefits of botox, with respect to depression, is how facial expression plays a crucial role in moods, which eventually leads to the idea that preventing frowning can reduce feelings of sadness.

Researchers explained that the brain closely monitors and interprets facial expressions and regulates emotions accordingly. When muscles tense up, moods go down. With Botulinum Toxin, it is harder to express sadness, reducing stress signals and influencing how the brain adjusts moods.

Botulinum Toxin also helps facilitate positive social interactions. When patients respond positively with other individuals, it improves how the person feels.

The research results revealed that 52% of the participants who had gone through Botulinum Toxin treatments showed relief from depression compared to the 15% of subjects who received a placebo.

The Fight against Depression

Although Botulinum Toxin brings good news for many people, a possible treatment for depression, it also presents a challenge for the medical industry to generate more professionals who can expertly administer treatments.

BTC strongly recommends considering a profession in this industry; take part in the fight against depression. Not only will you contribute to something meaningful that helps society, you also make a lasting impact on the lives of your patients.

We provide workshops for aspiring facial aesthetics practitioners to equip them with necessary skills and knowledge. Browse through the rest of our page to know more about what is included in our training sessions.

Botulinum Toxin could be the future of treatment for depression. Be involved in the fight against this mental health condition. Contact us today to know how you can start your career and contributions in the medical industry.

Call 07711 731173 or email [email protected] for more information on why you should choose BTC to help you achieve a successful aesthetic business.

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