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Are You Embracing Your Marketing Strategy By Looking Externally?


Following on from the recent blog where we looked at maximising internal marketing strategies, it’s time to explore external marketing options to bring in new customers, added success and more profit to your private facial aesthetic business. External marketing will allow you to achieve more brand awareness in your local area, by engagement with other local businesses, local press, local radio and by broadening your local network and ‘back scratching’ alliances.

It’s not enough to simply master the skills of delivering aesthetic treatments, if you have no existing patients to treat or planned strategy to secure new ones, you really are setting yourself up for failure.

Dentist and aesthetic practitioner, Dr Harry Singh knows exactly how important it is to learn how to market your services. He took the leap from dentistry to facial aesthetics well over fifteen years ago, and is now sharing his experiences, and the strategies that work. He has set up the BTC training courses to help other doctors, dentists and nurses to succeed in this sector. To really learn how to implement a successful marketing campaign, why not attend one of Harry’s workshops where you can learn, question and receive bespoke business support.

One of the core lessons in business is understanding the concept of the 3Ms of marketing. The 3Ms in question dictate that you should know your target MARKET, understand and create the right MESSAGE to get them through your doors and know the MEDIUM by which you will achieve it – INTERNAL, EXTERNAL or INTERNET and SOCIAL MEDIA. And this is where your marketing campaign gets more diverse.

The MEDIUM of delivering your message is now more important than the message itself. Last time we discussed INTERNAL means, where we looked at marketing to your existing patient cohort, the captive audience or ‘lowest hanging fruit’ philosophy. If you already run a successful dental practice or a GP’s surgery, it’s simple enough to let your existing patients know that you also offer the likes of cosmetic injectables, something which they may not have already been aware of. This is a great medium with which to start your marketing, and the cheapest, but you will find that you need to start attracting NEW patients if you truly wish to broaden your aesthetic practice and tear yourself away from your ‘bread and butter’ on a permanent basis. This is where the EXTERNAL medium for marketing comes in next.

External marketing strategies will cost you a little more, not just in monetary terms, but in time and energy. Part of this process will be in building trust with other local businesses who can offer you a referral route, such as local beauty salons, gyms and hairdressers. You could even go as far as embarking on joint ventures with such businesses, whereby they get you the customers, you visit regularly to provide your services on a set frequency and they get a small percentage as a finder’s fee. You can even run special event evenings to really get more interest through the doors. Other options to raise your profile in the local area are to engage with local press, such as articles in town magazines or papers, or perhaps an interview or regular slot on local radio. Attending local events, trade shows, business forums and other networking opportunities can help you to ‘make friends and influence people’ so that word spreads about your services. Of course, you’re unlikely to be able to do everything, but have a look at what you could consider doing, how much it will cost you (time and money) and work out which options will return the most new patient leads. Even if you just do half a dozen external options, on top of your existing internal marketing, you will be expanding your patient database in no time.

Training courses with BTC are accredited for verifiable CPD (Continued Professional Development) and will guide each delegate through creating successful marketing campaigns, including examples and case studies of external campaigns which worked.
As well as setting up BTC, Harry has also recently published a book entitled ‘Let Go of the Handbrake’ which will not only accompany his training workshops, but also become your business ‘Bible’. To grab yourself a copy of Harry’s book, Let Go of The Handbrake, simply visit www.letgoofthehandbrake.com.

BTC courses are designed to support you at all stages as you build your business, including pre- during- and post-workshop. Call 07711 731173 or email [email protected] for more information on why you should choose BTC to help you achieve a successful aesthetic business.

Call 07711 731173 or email [email protected] for more information on why you should choose BTC to help you achieve a successful aesthetic business.

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