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Anti-wrinkle treatments and Botox®

Anti-wrinkle treatments: what’s available?

When offering anti-wrinkle treatments, such as Botox®, to your patients it is important to explain why Botox® may be right for them and what it cannot do. There is so much miss-information out there that Botox® gives everyone a frozen face. Of course, we know this isn’t true – unless you overdose it – but the general public still have this misconception. Generally speaking, those that opt for Botox® often think this will cure all their anti-ageing concerns. Whilst Botox® will help to give a fresh appearance, we know as clinicians it is not necessarily a standalone treatment. So, this begs the question, what other possible treatments or products should we be aware of to offer our patients?
Medical-grade skin creams is certainly one. Whether or not you offer this in house, knowing the active ingredients patients should opt for is key to helping patients with their skincare regime and address their anti-ageing concerns. Explain the difference between dynamic lines (treated with Botox®) and static lines (unaffected by Botox®, except that they won’t get worse!) and how these creams and serums can benefit these concerns.

Skin boosters such as Profhilo® or Sunekos® can also be fantastic anti-wrinkle treatments to offer in the clinic. These can work perfectly alongside Botox® and provide a lifting and plumping rejuvenating effect, that Botox® cannot do.

Skin therapy treatments such as chemical peels, mesotherapy or microneedling are also worth considering. These can be great for a patient who is a little nervous of injectable treatments, and whilst they often need a few sessions, they can be another great anti-wrinkle treatment for your patients.

Anti-wrinkle treatments: is Botox® enough?

Yes, Botox® can be enough for a patient that is only worried about wrinkles caused from facial expressions, such as a ‘fork’ between the eyebrows when frowning. Botox® treatment in this area will very likely provide the results the patient is after.
However, recommending more than one treatment, or advising specialist skincare brands or ingredients to your patients will provide the full circle anti-wrinkle treatment plans they are after and keep their Botox® treatments looking fresh.

Anti-wrinkle treatments: the summary

Providing a full-service treatment plan will benefit your patients and keep them coming back for more treatments or products. Having the knowledge on the best anti-wrinkle treatments or products based on their concern will benefit both yourself and them.

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