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Botulinum Toxin Training Club by Dr Harry Singh

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54 BTC Tips

Goals 1 – plan what income/number of patients you want from facial aesthetics
Goals 2 – share your vision with the rest of the team
Goals 3 – you are looking at outcomes and not goals, what is the outcome you want

Mindset 1 – the skill set without the mindset will make your upset
Mindset 2 – what is your reason ‘why’ you want to do facial aesthetics, the bigger the why the easier the how
Mindset 3 – you need a PHD to succeed – Pig Headed Discipline

Toxins 1 – start with the upper third of the face – frontalis, glabellar, crows feet
Toxins 2 – confidence comes from repetition, treat family and friends first
Toxins 3 – baby step the patient and always under dose at their first visit and review in 2 weeks for top ups

Dermal fillers 1 – commonest requests will be for the lips and naso labial folds
Dermal fillers 2 – warn patients there is more downtime associated with these procedures
Dermal fillers 3 – test a number of manufacturer products and don’t by just on price

Skin 1 – skin is the foundation of all cosmetic treatments
Skin 2 – give free skin advice to all your patients to add extra value to their experience
Skin 3 – start of with recommending and supplying sun protection and then move onto peels and cosmeceuticals

Insurance 1 – your normal dental/medical insurance won’t cover you for facial aesthetic treatments
Insurance 2 – only get indemnity for what you are doing, you can always add extra services later to the policy
Insurance 3 – combine your cosmetics and surgery insurance to get savings off both

Pharmacy 1 – essential for prescription only medicines
Pharmacy 2 – only allowed 1 prescription per patient
Pharmacy 3 – you can email the initial script to speed up delivery, but you must also send a hard copy to the pharmacy

Equipment 1 – have a separate room for your facial aesthetic patients with the ambivalence of a spa facility
Equipment 2 – use a beauty couch instead of a dental/medical chair
Equipment 3 – don’t forget you will also need, couch roll, hand mirror, hairband, gauzes, non tattooing pencil, make up remover, saline, disinfectant, ice

Team 1 – treat the team for free and use their before and after pictures
Team 2 – delegate the after care and photo taking to the team
Team 3 – you have to carry out the initial consultation but a suitably qualified team member (dentists, hygienist) can carry out the treatment

Marketing 1 – who is your target market and then design promotional material according to this demographics
Marketing 2 – whats your message, can you succinctly encapsulate what you offer in one sentence
Marketing 3 – whats your medium, how will your message reach your target audience

KPI 1 – if you cant read the scoreboard, you don’t know the score and if you don’t know the score, you can’t tell
the winners from the losers
KPI 2 – have targets for number of new patients, percentage returned, percentage of referrals
KPI 3 – don’t copy your competitors fees, work out your expenses and what profit you would like and then price accordingly

Retention 1 – pre book their next appointment before they leave the clinic
Retention 2 – have a loyalty scheme in place
Retention 3 – if someone leaves, ask them why via an exit interview, you don’t want to make the same mistake again
Referrals 1 – under deliver and patients won’t come back, deliver what they expect and they will return, over deliver and they will refer their friends
Referrals 2 – ask for referrals when the patient has received value and they have recognised they have received value
Referrals 3 – have a referral reward programme and make sure your patient know about it as well as your team members

Frontalis 1 – inject high and superficial
Frontalis 2 – give anti spock injections
Frontalis 3 – on review if need extra toxin in the lower half, give a very small dose very superficially

Glabellar 1 – before injecting, ask the patient if they want to keep the eyebrows where they are or slightly elevated
Glabellar 2 – avoid any toxin dropping down by protecting the orbital rim with your thumb when injecting
Glabellar 3 – inject deep, but be careful not to hit bone (this is painful)

Crows feet 1 – inject away from the eyes at least 1cm away from the orbital rim
Crows feet 2 – use a lower dose in the lower eye area to avoid drooping of the corners of the mouth
Crows feet 3 – warn the patient there is a higher risk of bruising in this area

Naso labials 1 – don’t eliminate the folds completely, this will make the cheeks look flat and the patient will appear older than they really are
Naso labials 2 – do a little, let the patient look in the mirror and repeat
Naso labials 3 – always have a stock of Hyaluronidase in the clinic in case you have over corrected and need to remove some hyaluroinic acid

3 mistakes to avoid – 1. Doing it all yourself, 2. Not having patients lined up immediately after training, 3. Offering everything, stick to a narrow treatment menu and become prolific at that If you only do 1 thing – build up strategic alliances with hairdressers and beauty salons in your area Further information – www.botulinumtoxinclub.co.uk for a free video – ‘Getting Started In Facial Aesthetics’

Call 07711 731173 or email [email protected] for more information on why you should choose BTC to help you achieve a successful aesthetic business.

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