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Botulinum Toxin Training Club by Dr Harry Singh

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Why choose an aesthetic practitioner trained by BTC?

BTC is the fastest growing, and amongst the most well-respected, facial aesthetic training academies in the UK. Your practitioner is proud to have trained with BTC and achieved a high standard of learning and practical experience in providing facial aesthetic treatments for you.

You are in safe hands with a BTC graduate

BTC’s philosophy means that they are at the forefront of aesthetic training in terms of content and how it is delivered, constantly adding innovative and new material to their training curriculum. It’s important to know that BTC only train medical professionals who have a number of years’ experience in facial anatomy, which means BTC graduates can treat patients safely and have a confident and patient-centred approach to the facial aesthetic treatments they offer, so you get the best result possible.

BTC was established in 2012 by Dr Harry Singh, who has gone on to publish numerous articles, win many prestigious awards within the dental industry, appear on TV and in the press, as well as publishing his own book! Harry is so passionate about BTC, that it is more like an extended family. Your practitioner is part of this family which means that there are always ongoing learning opportunities, updated guidance and advice, and Dr Singh is there to act as a mentor whenever needed. By seeking out an aesthetic practitioner trained with BTC you are putting your face in the hands of someone who is backed up by great training and a great support network.

BTC do not endorse rapid or hot-house training, where practitioners can’t possibly learn to be competent or adequately knowledgeable about a treatment after a single day of intensive theory and hands-on training. Like all their students, your practitioner has received hours of online material to familiarise themselves with the theory, medical science and techniques involved with each facial aesthetic treatment, allowing them to learn at a steady pace, and only after successfully completing two online tests, did they qualify to attend the practical or hands-on training where they treated real patients under supervision before graduating.

Mentoring, supervision and guidance, to truly master the techniques, is provided by BTC Trainers throughout the practical training days. BTC Trainers go through a rigorous selection process and have all been personally trained by BTC, having several years’ experience in facial aesthetics under their belt. All of this means that BTC trained medical professionals leave being able to confidently and competently provide you with a safe experience, having learnt and put into practice all the techniques required to achieve the look and improvements you are seeking with superior skill. For those who would like to finesse their skills, BTC offer the opportunity to reattend a training course as an observer – totally free – and many graduates accept the offer as there’s no substitute for increased and reinforced learning. Ongoing training is also provided for all BTC graduates which means we are kept up to date with the latest and best techniques in facial aesthetics.

Every BTC graduate receives unlimited post-training support. As someone who is trying to choose the best practitioner to deliver your facial aesthetic treatments, this is important to know. BTC do not leave their graduates alone to fend for themselves. This is where the family ethos comes into play as together, we can work to assess and create a treatment plan to get you the best and safest results. The BTC University also allows BTC trained professionals to access a wealth of information associated with their training so they can give the optimum results to patients.

BTC keep in contact with all their graduates and it is reassuring to know that they are always on hand to help, providing further education and learning opportunities, and allowing practitioners to deliver the best possible service. Your BTC practitioner has access to 24/7 help and support in the event of a complication, which can happen, but with BTC training, practitioners learn how to manage complications, which you could argue is by far the most important thing that they can learn. This is something which differentiates us from other practitioners, especially those with no medical experience. Adverse reactions or complications can happen with any facial aesthetic practitioner, no matter how much experience they have, but being able to professionally, calmly and appropriately handle the situation to mitigate the problem and resolve the complication is incredibly important and something that those trained with BTC learn all about.

BTC Trainers and all BTC trained medical professionals follow a training code of conduct with the aim of achieving complete patient satisfaction. BTC encourage all their delegates to continue working to the same code of conduct, which your practitioner is very proud to uphold.

The key points of the code of conduct include:

When choosing a facial aesthetic practitioner, it is important to always seek out a medically trained professional who understands facial anatomy, the interactions of the products used to offer cosmetic enhancement, from skincare ingredients to injectable anti-wrinkle and filler products, and can deliver treatment safely, competently and with a full understanding and ability to treat should a complication arise. BTC graduates, give you the peace of mind to know that you are in safe hands.

Why has BTC been named
“the fastest growing Facial Aesthetics training provider”
in London and the UK?

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