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Treating the Male Patient

Typically associated with the female demographic, facial aesthetic treatments and the growth in demand for cosmetic injectables, such as botulinum toxin and dermal fillers, for both anti-ageing and cosmetic enhancement, is forming the bread and butter of most cosmetic clinic businesses.

Yet, this is not the full story. As the rise in requests for treatment from male patients increases, aesthetic practitioners must be able to meet this demand equally as well as they treat their predominantly female patient cohort.

Men have differing facial anatomy and cosmetic needs to women, therefore, it’s not just as simple as placing higher doses of botulinum toxin or using more syringes of dermal filler. We need to understand the different facial structures, muscle predominance and how the ageing process affects our male patients compared to our female patients. Techniques to treat men, and achieve a good cosmetic outcome, do vary from those employed in the treatment of women, so it is important to avoid undesirable feminisation of the male face by using protocols learnt for treating females.

For this reason, BTC Training have developed a dedicated workshop, focused on treating male patients, which is divided into three parts covering theory, demonstration and hands-on practice.

Part 1 – Theory


Part 2 – Demonstration of techniques

Our expert trainers will guide you in the specific techniques and injection placements needed to treat male patients, based on all your learning within the theory section of the workshop. Delegates are encouraged to ask lots of questions to improve their learning ahead of the hands-on session.

Part 3 – Hands on practical

You will be required to bring your own model for this part of the workshop.

The hands-on practical gives you the opportunity to put into practice all that you have learnt and seen during the training day, whilst also benefiting from clinical oversight and guidance from our expert training team, who can ensure that you leave at the end of the day competent in how to treat your male patients effectively.


Shan Hamarash - "Really fantastic course! We were given very thorough pre-course reading material so were able to get stuck in straight away with the practical side of things. All of the trainers were so friendly, supportive and knowledgable and the atmosphere was really relaxed. The after care support has also been absolutely outstanding, which is so important for someone like me who is just getting started in facial aesthetics."
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Treating The Male Patient

£1080.83 exc.Vat
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Treating The Male Patient

£1080.83 exc.Vat
BOOK this workshop

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