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Botulinum Toxin Training Club by Dr Harry Singh

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Local Anaesthetic Infiltrations For Lip Fillers

Have you always wanted to be able to use local anaesthetic to offer a completely pain free experience for your lip filler patients?

Attract more patients and build up your lip filler business.

Before this workshop, only dentists were qualified to offer local anaesthetics in the period oral prior to lip fillers.

Now you can too (only open to medical professionals)


In this half day workshop, we will cover the theory on the following:


In the hands on session, you’ll practice administering local anaesthetic via dental blocks/infiltrations on each other to perfect your technique.

You’ll receive a completion and competence certificate at the end of the session.

The use of local anaesthetic is automatically covered if it is relevant to an insured treatment and the practitioner is appropriately qualified.

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“I would recommend this course to everyone! Harry made the course fun and easy going, he’s happy to answer all questions.”

– Lauren Pitts

“Thank you to Harry Singh for a brilliant training.”

– Emma Lee, RGN
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