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Information To Income – The 7 I’s to Business Success

Have you ever heard of the 7 I’s? They are the key elements found in the most successful businesses globally. But how exactly do they impact your business and how can you utilise them to drive success?

The 7 key factors to driving success within a business, known as the 7 “I”s. These key 7 factors are: Information, Intention, Innovation, Insights, Influence, Implementation and Increased income.

I believe that in this modern society of increased information gathering and increased content provision, by focusing your energy and investing time in 5 of these, Intention, Innovation, Insights, Influence, and the Implementation, this will deliver Increased Income over time.

Eisenhower said at D-Day that a good plan now is better than a perfect plan tomorrow.

It doesn’t need to be perfect to work implementation is what counts

If you are not generating a six-figure turnover per annum from aesthetics, you need to come to this workshop.

BTC Training is proud to launch a brand new, one-day Implementation course aimed at getting you to exceed a 6-figure income from Aesthetics within one year. This newly formatted learning experience has limited availability so you cannot afford to miss out.

This full-day course, being held on Sunday 26th January 2020 will cover all the strategic business and marketing aspects you need to understand and master to achieve success in the aesthetic sector.

We will provide you with instantly actionable strategies, templates and actions that you can start to use straight away to generate Aesthetics patients.

Dr Singh will discuss why your business strategy must come before tactics. Let’s face it, you don’t want to build the wrong business from the get-go or have your ladder up against the wrong wall. We want to see you get your Aesthetics business off to a flying start.

He’ll give you practical pearls of wisdom that have been learned first-hand in the trenches and proven by growing his own successful practices.

It’s a scary statistic that 80% of delegates that have paid for clinical Aesthetics workshops have failed to implement and give up after one year.

Dr Harry has a mission to change this statistic on its head and have 80% of BTC delegates succeed in Aesthetics and live healthier happier lives.

After being in the industry for over 17 years and teaching for over 5 years, He has uncovered first hand which systems, strategies and tactics work. We have taught these simple and repeatable systems to all of our successful delegates and they have proven that they work. We are so confident of this that we even give a 100% Guarantee that if you follow the process you will succeed.

Many of our delegates did not plan to follow a career in Aesthetics full time but have since given up their day jobs as dentists, nurses, doctors and hygienists to fully concentrate on aesthetics, just like Dr Harry when he quit dentistry back in 2012.

These implementation secrets can be broadly divided into the following:

Workshop: How to Implement Immediately the Insights and Information proven from over 17 years experience to significantly increase your turnover from Aesthetics to at least 6-figures per year.


Shan Hamarash - "Really fantastic course! We were given very thorough pre-course reading material so were able to get stuck in straight away with the practical side of things. All of the trainers were so friendly, supportive and knowledgable and the atmosphere was really relaxed. The after care support has also been absolutely outstanding, which is so important for someone like me who is just getting started in facial aesthetics."
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