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Who Is Your Target Market?

1. Products and services don’t sell themselves. There’s no such thing as “If you build it, they will come.” That was a clever (but misleading) line from a movie, but in the business world, working out who your market is, how big it is, and how you will talk to them is everything.

My formula for success is in three simple steps:
– Find out what they want,
– Go and get it,
– Give it to them.

No matter what business you’re in, if you stick to these three principles you will succeed.
The first step is to figure out what they want. You must know where your patient is in pain and be able to prove to yourself that your service solves their problem. No one will buy anything if it doesn’t meet some need.
If the market is too narrow or small, it will limit the potential size of your business. If the market is too broad, it’s hard to focus (jack of all trades and master of none). The key is to find a manageable, specific, targeted niche. Without a focused niche, you’ll find that you will be trying to cater for all – a recipe for failure

Easyjet has peanuts (which you have to buy), Singapore Airlines has caviar. Nike sells attitude. Asda sells “Everyday Low Prices” They all have successfully identified a niche in the market and have a focused marketing strategy. They all have potentially huge markets. They have differentiated themselves from their competitors with their positioning in the marketplace.
Who is your target market and does your brand and marketing material appeal to that target market?

For example, in my case, I wanted to target middle aged females for Botulinum Toxin treatments. I approached a Gym to advertise and designed a poster which would appeal to this target audience. After a few months, had very little response from the poster. Revisited the gym, sat in their cafe with a cup of coffee and for 30mins observed their members. The majority of the members were men, who just walked past my poster as it did not appeal to them! Right message, right medium, wrong place.

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