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What Notes Should You Make During You Facial Aesthetics Examination And Treatment?

This will be the last free newsletter I publish, happy reading:
1. What notes should you make during you facial aesthetics examination and treatment?

reason for visit – why have they come and seen me
main concern – I don’t want to pre judge what I think they need
other concerns – I am not just a line chaser, I want to look at the whole face and treat holistically
what is it about the concerned that bothers them – we want to attach some emotional pain to their concern, this will allow them to uptake any ethical treatment
what are they hoping to achieve – what are their expectations from me
why seeking treatment now – is there a big occasion occurring, what timescale are they looking to achieve the desired results

what results are they expecting – is this realistic are they realistic and can I achieve them – am I the best person to treat them, do I want to treat them have they had treatment done before – are they new to this
if so, why did they change practitioner – I don’t want to repeat the same mistakes as their previous practitioner
alternative treatments discussed – even if I don’t offer them with pros and cons for each – all benefits and risks needs to be explained impartially once decided on course of treatment – what to expect, when will notice results, potential side effects, review appointment, duration of results, long term care notes on procedure itself – batch numbers, units used, where injected, etc before and after photos taken, photos of markings post op instructions given verbally and in writing skin care and advice given notes of any post op phone calls to patient As well as the above notes, I get my patients to sign 2 consent forms.

The first is the normal consent to allow me to carry out the treatment. I get them to tick (in the consent form) the following three statements:

– I have the mental capacity to give informed consent
– I’m having this treatment for medical reasons ( if its cosmetic, you’ll need to charge them VAT)
– I understand the treatment being undertaken, the potential side effects and risks and any alternative treatments

The second consent form is for the photographs I take and allowing me to use them for promotions and educational reasons.

2. Due to the continual success of the BTC I need to limit my time on certain activities.

Therefore from the 1st October I will be replacing my current newsletters/blogs to a paid service.

The fee will be £21.97 per month* (no VAT payable). Those of you that have attended and paid for my clinical workshops will automatically receive the newsletter for free.

FREE BONUS: As a thank you for subscribing to the paid monthly newsletter you will receive the report ‘5 Tips To Grow Your Facial Aesthetics Business’ for FREE.

For this relatively small monthly fee you will be able to receive the following:

– valuable advice per month on whats new in facial aesthetics (especially upcoming regulation)
– essential content (clinical and non clinical) to become a successful facial aesthetician (minimum of 400 words)
– special reduced price for my clinical workshops
– ask me any facial aesthetics related questions (if you are not a monthly subscriber, I won’t be able to allocate the time to answer any questions)
– free attendance to the P.A.B.N. (Profitable Aesthetics Business Networking) event (will be held every 2 months in Stevenage, Hertfordshire)
– priority booking to meet me at any dental conferences I attend (BDIA & Dentistry Show) and talk about how to profit from facial aesthetics
To start receiving my newsletter (from the 1st October) and the extra benefits on offer, please set up the direct debit at the following link – https://dashboard.gocardless.com/api/template_plans/0ZJJP2HF79/paylink
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“Harry you are doing a great job, have a great reputation and I like your genuine nature that comes across in your emails from Botulinum toxin club club.” Dr ND

* you will able to cancel the direct debit anytime you wish

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