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Complications in Facial Aesthetics – do you know how to diagnose & treat?

Have you recently trained in facial aesthetics, or have you been carrying out these services for years?

Answered yes to either of these questions?

How about complications, do you know how to avoid complications that could arise as a direct result of the treatments you offer?

I imagine most of you will have answered yes to that one too. As a qualified aesthetic professional, you likely know optimum techniques to provide the best, complication-free outcome.

However, do you feel confident to diagnose and treat any possible complication which could arise from the treatments you offer?

Did you answer a little differently to that question?

Whether you are newly qualified and only undertaken your first handful of cases (or yet to treat your first case) or a seasoned professional, knowing how to accurately diagnose and treat any complication that could arise from the treatments you offer is pivotal.

If you are thinking,”I’ll worry about complications management once I have a few cases under my belt” or “I’ve been doing this for years and not had an issue yet” then you are not alone in your thought process. I hear this often from both delegates at BTC workshops and seasoned professionals. However, the glaring issue with this is complications can happen at any time. It may happen on your first ever lip filler case or your 100th. Being prepared to avoid, diagnose, and treat any complication is the difference between a happy, healthy patient or a law case, or worse – patient harm or even death!

Know your potential complications inside and out.

As I know this is a cause for concern for many aesthetic professionals that I have trained over the years. To support them and any others who wish to upskill their knowledge, I created The Ultimate Complications Guide, a handy quick-reference in-clinic guide.

I have also created this FREE video of how to treat a lip filler complication with Hyalase®. Click here to access the FREE video.

Call 07711 731173 or email [email protected] for more information on why you should choose BTC to help you achieve a successful aesthetic business.

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