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Medico Legal Requirements For Facial Aesthetics

1. Medico legal requirements for facial aesthetics

Regulation – Currently there is no regulatory body or any formal process of regulation regarding the administration of non surgical facial aesthetics. However this will be changing. With the completion of the Keogh report and the Governments response to this together with the European Aesthetics Surgery regulatory standards gaining CEN (European Committee for Standardisation)approval, it will be wise to be prepared and ready for any imminent regulation.

Who can perform aesthetic procedures – As mentioned above, since there is no regulation in place currently, in theory anyone can perform non surgical facial aesthetic procedures. However the indemnity providers will only insure certain medically trained professionals such as; dentists, medical doctors and medical nurses.

Indemnity – There are various options regarding indemnity (mandatory) to allow you to be covered and perform these procedures. This information is correct at the time going to press, but terms and conditions may change, so it is advisable to regularly check with your indemnity provider.

– MPS – You may be able to be covered for facial aesthetics as long as certain requirements are meant, such as, but not limited to; cap on earnings per year from aesthetics, areas to treat (mainly neck and above), registration with ‘Treatments you can trust’/IHAS scheme

– DDU – You may be able to have this included as part of your dental indemnity as long as you have evidence of training and competence in the areas you will be treating.

– HFIS – Hamilton Fraser Insurance Services. I personally use this company. There is no limit on your earnings and what areas are covered (as long as you can prove you have been adequately trained).

Other specialist indemnity providers include Cosmetic Insure and HISCOX.

Training – You will need to attend an approved training programme (as decided by your indemnity provider) and provide evidence of a certain level of competence before you will be allowed to carry out these procedures.

Pharmacy – Botulinum Toxin is a P.O.M (Prescription Only Medicine) therefore only prescribers can order this and subsequently you can only order it from a pharmacy. You will need to set up a Pharmacy account before you order the toxin. Currently Dermal Fillers are not classified as prescription only medicines, so you can order either from a pharmacy (to save on the VAT) or directly from the filler companies.

Premises – You will require suitable premises to provide these treatments. If you are providing aesthetics within your Dental Practice, then it will come under CQC remit. If you are providing these services away from your premises, then currently it will not come under the CQC remit.

***A word of warning here, if you are treating hyperhidrosis (excessive underarm sweating) , irrespective of the premises, the CQC may feel it comes under their remit due to the fact that this is because, the condition of hyperhidrosis is classed as a disorder which must be diagnosed and then it can be treated. It is further defined as such by the NHS. This makes it a ‘regulated activity’ with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) in England (with similar requirements in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland).

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