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Legislation and Fake News

We’re going to save you loads of hours, stress, anxiety and concerns.

No doubt you would have seen the posts and articles earlier this week about the Government looking at introducing a licence for those that wish to offer facial aesthetics. You can read more about that here.

First, nothing is certain in life. I hope it is a step in the right direction. But some of us will recall all the excitement and anticipation with the Keogh report back in 2014. But, guess what? nothing has changed since then, in fact it looks like it got worse with many calling the aesthetics industry the ‘Wild West.’ Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope some changes do occur this time round. The industry needs it after all with the amount of non-medics offering these services to the public.

Second, be careful who you listen to. What is their (hidden) agenda? I remember when certain training academies were advertising that Level 7 would be compulsory. Well, it isn’t and I can’t ever see it becoming compulsory. I’m not Level 7 qualified and I’ve been an examiner for Level 7. As a side note, those training academies were reported to ASA and subsequent warnings were given to them. 

So, going back to be careful who you listen to. The grapevine – aka social media – is going strong at the moment. Comments like; “you’ll need to be CQC registered… you’ll need to have a Level 7 qualification… you’ll need to be a prescriber… you’ll need to be a doctor…” and the rest! It’s all rubbish. The people pushing these lies all have a hidden agendas. Universities and training academies that offer Level 7 want to scare you to only undertake Level 7 training. Those that don’t want Dental Hygienists/Therapists to offer facial aesthetics will push the lie that only prescribers can offer these services. Organisations that help you become CQC compliant will come out of the woodwork and insist you must be CQC regulated to ‘protect’ yourself. 

So, don’t listen to, or buy into the fake rhetoric out there. Nothing has been decided. The next stage is the consultation part and then review, it can be several years before anything is concrete. So, if anyone tells you what will happen….run a mile!

Relax yourself and carry on relaxing your patients’ lines!

P.S. Dr Harry will be privy to certain information before general release and any concrete information we will pass onto you.

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