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Botulinum Toxin: Cash-Based Addition To Your Practice

Aesthetic or cosmetic treatments are always a welcome addition to any practice. The complexity of the most common procedures, however, always stops medical practitioners from actually including it in the treatments list. But with Botulinum Toxin, you can supplement your work with a cash-based addition. If insurance is always taking profits from you, this investment goes a long way in making your practice successful.

13 years since the creation of Botulinum Toxin, there are numerous facilities that offer professional training. At BTC, we offer dentists, doctors, specialists and nurses a chance to improve their craft in facial aesthetics. For less than a thousand pounds, it is a cost-efficient venture that will pay off immensely in the future.

Breakdown of Profits

Before anything, know that rarely will insurance companies cover cosmetic procedures. They do include facial rehabilitation in some plans, but that is for accident purposes. Therefore, the money will go directly to you. We hope to convince you to add facial aesthetics to your practice with a brief breakdown of profits.

Patients normally go three times a year to get Botulinum Toxin treatments. Each procedure costs around £75 to £125, so that is £375 a year. If you promote your services properly, you should get 50 people who will have the treatments at your practice. Devote enough time to perfecting your aesthetics addition, which can have chemical peels and other non-surgical treatments, and it will largely benefit your bottom line.

Comparison against Insurance

If you are lucky, insurance will pay your practice for half of all the treatments you provide. Furthermore, the process, paperwork and effort required cost more overhead than you expect. The addition of aesthetic medicine to your practice will earn you hard cash, debit or credit.

Our workshops cover the most common areas of Botulinum Toxin treatment: frown, forehead and eyes. Our fee includes unlimited post-workshop support and private group discussions.

Contact us for more information.

Call 07711 731173 or email [email protected] for more information on why you should choose BTC to help you achieve a successful aesthetic business.

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