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Botox Dilution – The Launch of the BTC App

Have you heard the news? We have launched a brand-new FREE app!

The BTC App is a facial aesthetic clinician’s new best friend when it comes to reconstituting toxins and knowing the right dosages for treatment.

Botox Dilution – is one the same as another?

We are all aware of the recent Azzalure® shortage that affected many facial aesthetic clinics. At BTC we were inundated with worried messages regarding using other toxin brands and knowing the right Botox dilutions and dosages, to continually provide patients with the best results.

Not being able to get hold of your usual botulinum toxin and using a toxin you are less familiar with or haven’t used before, can often cause aestheticians stress and sleepless nights. One unit of a particular brand of toxin, does not necessarily equal 1 unit of an alternative brand.

Botox Dilution – Get the App

Enter the Botulinum Toxin Converter App from BTC.

Never again worry about using a new toxin. Head on over to the Dosages Converter on the brand new BTC app and enter in the toxin you will be using and let the calculator do the hard work for you.

The Botulinum Toxin Converter is just another way BTC are committed to supporting our delegates and clinicians on their facial aesthetics journey.

Did you know there are also new toxins both coming to, and already available on the market?

Croma released their new brand Letybo® toxin recently – available for dilutions information from the BTC Botulinum Converter App.

There are more new releases to come….

Did you know:

  • Allergan will be launching a new longer lasting toxin AGN-151586
  • Allergan will also be launching an OnabotulinumtoxinA formulation (liquid format)
  • Nuceiva (PrabotulinumtoxinA) should be launching in the UK soon (anticipated September 2022)
  • Alluzience is pre-constituted with normal saline and certain patients reported a sting for a few seconds after injecting
  • Galderma are working on a third toxin and another liquid format under the RelabotulinumtoxinA strain with higher units per vial
  • Letybo is Botulax in Asia – both owned by Hugel Inc.
  • Allergan will have a licence for the use of Botox for Masseter and Platysma very soon


For more information on these new toxins keep an eye out on our social media channels and newsletters, for all the latest developments as they happen.

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